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Newcastle United legend Alan Shearer is the Premier League's all-time top scorer with 260 goals and a leading TV pundit from the BBC's flagship football programme Match of the Day. Euro '96 Golden Boot winner Alan will be sharing his thoughts on all things football every week throughout the 2018/19 season.

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Shearer on Mourinho’s sending off and Man Utd current performances

Coral sat down with ambassador Alan Shearer to exclusively discuss Jose Mourinho’s sending off and Manchester United’s current performance.

You can listen to Shearer’s United thoughts in the videos below, but we’ve also picked out the best quotes from this latest interview…

“The referee was probably right to send him off”

Former Newcastle United striker and Premier League winner Shearer has claimed that the referee was justified to send Mourinho off for his touchline antics last weekend, saying: “We always say we want our managers to show energy, passion, commitment.”

Shearer says the referee was right to send Mourinho to the stands last weekend.

Shearer says the referee was right to send Mourinho to the stands last weekend.

“I just think it was so close to him being sent to the stands and being fined not so long ago and warned about his conduct, that the referee was probably right to send him off.”

Shearer went on to comment that the referee actually got both decisions right, including Paul Pogba’s dive: “It wasn’t as though Jose booted the bottle because they had a goal disallowed or a shocking challenge, the referee was actually right, it was a blatant dive from Paul Pogba, so he was right to show him a yellow card for diving and send Mourinho to the stands”

“Their form cannot continue in the league”

Despite an upturn in form, Shearer still sees major room for improvement: “Certainly in the last month they have played better, though probably still not to the standard he [Mourinho] wants.

“They haven’t been finishing teams off, they’ve had chances, I know [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic has scored goals, he scored two in the League Cup, [Anthony] Martial scored two also, so that might kickstart them into eventually finishing teams off, but their form cannot continue in the league.”

Despite a recent upturn in form, Shearer says there's still a lot of work to be done

Despite a recent upturn in form, Shearer says there’s still a lot of work to be done

Shearer, the Premier League’s all-time leading scorer says there is still a lot of work to be done to the Red Devils: “He [Mourinho] will look at it and say to his guys, if you don’t score goals in the league, then I’ll have to do something about it in January, because there’s only so many times you can give people chances.”

After the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson and the turbulence that followed, United appear to finally have their man in Mourinho, but Shearer has warned it will take time: “Patience will be needed, Jose might not say it publicly, but I think he still feels there’s a lot of work that needs to be done, regarding surgery to that team”

“There’s still work to be done, to get them where they want to be, yes they are playing better, they had a good win in the EFL Cup, but they’re still a long way short of the standards United need”


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