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Former WBA (Super), IBF, IBO and The Ring Light Welterweight Champion, and WBA Welterweight Champion, Ricky 'The Hitman' Hatton speaks exclusively to Coral. One of the most popular boxers of his era Hatton is truly the peoples Champion and brings his expert insight to Coral. With a career that included fights against the best in the world including Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao and Paulie Malignaggi Hatton is now passing his knowledge on the the next generation while maintaining a media presence at the same time.

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Hitman’s knockout view round 2 – Manny will take the early rounds but its Floyd on points

Coral caught up exclusively with Ricky Hatton, live from the strip in Las Vegas for round two, as the former world welterweight champion gives us further insight into the showdown between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, as the big fight draws ever closer.

Having given his prediction for the fight in round one, Hatton spoke more at length on the technical aspect of the fight, and the how the fighters might approach it.

Hatton himself is no stranger to this kind of environment, and knows all too well the excitement among boxing fans.

“The atmosphere is really starting to get going now, I got here on Wednesday, the way in is a little later and its just a real buzz,” he said.

“There’s massive anticipation in the air really.

“If I was not a boxer myself I would be a fight fan and as fight fans go it does not get any better than this.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. arrives at MGM
The atmosphere in Vegas is electric

“The two fighters could not be more different to be honest, [Manny] is a south paw and a big puncher where as [Floyd], technically absolutely brilliant,” he continued.


Hatton who has fought and been knocked out by both, is one of only a few qualified to talk openly about the two, and indicated, in Pacquiao, Mayweather may have met his match on at least one of his fighting traits.

“I never thought I would be able to say someone had a similar speed to [Floyd] Mayweather but [Manny] has a similar speed, I always said the person who was going to beat Mayweather will not be a big puncher but more than anything needs that speed.

Mayweather Pacquiao No Knockout Boxing
Speed is key to get near Mayweather

“Many have tried to jump down [Floyd’s] throat and it never works so i think the person who is going to beat him will have fantastic hand and feet speed and that’s exactly what [Manny] has got.

“Whether he can actually do it I’m not too sure but he certainly has all the tools to do it.

Speaking bout his own style, Hatton reflected on his battle with Mayweather, indicating that he was proud of the way he handled himself.

“I was never the biggest puncher in the world but I punched with every inch of my body and my accuracy was one of my big factors.

“I don’t think the ref did me any favours on that night but I felt very proud of the performance I put up even though I lost to him.

Mayweather Hatton Boxing
The Hitman went ten rounds with The Money

It will certainly be an intriguing contest, for many reasons, though it is the two fighters differing stances that has left boxing fans around the world wondering whether this will make a difference, and ultimately have any deciding factor on who wins the fight.

“On whether [Floyd] fighting a southpaw will cause him problems, the last time he fought a southpaw was Zab Judah, and Judah is also a fast puncher,” Hatton said.

“He caused [Floyd] no end of problems and a lot of that was down tot the south paw stance.

“[Floyd] loves fighting an orthodox stance as he can shoulder roll and glance them away, but from southpaw stance that left cross goes right down the pipe so if anyone is going to beat him it might be a south paw yeah,” he continued.


“[Manny] definitely has the power to hurt Mayweather but he has not had too many stoppage wins lately but as I said his hand speed and volume of punches is what could potentially win this fight. If I was in [Manny’s] corner I would not even attempt to knock him out I would be in and out, fast hand speed lots of punches.

Hatton also knows all too well about the way Mayweather fights; with many trying to knock him out and paying the price, and this is something he strictly advises against.

“[Floyd] is so good defensively you don’t want to fly in and try knock him out it will back fire, stick to in and out and a big volume of punches and that is what [Manny] is so good at doing.

“There is so much more pressure on [Floyd’s] shoulders, he is undefeated, he is closing in on Rocky Marciano’s record where as [Manny] lost to [Juan Manuel] Marquez followed by a poor performance against Timothy Bradley,” Hatton added.

Pacquiao Marquez Boxing
Pacquiao lost to Marquez 2 years ago

“I would not turn round and say they will enjoy it but [Manny] will go in and enjoy it a little bit more.

“[Manny] will win a few early rounds with his feet and fast hands but some of the stuff [Floyd] does you cant teach, who ever he fights he finds a way to adapt his style and win in what ever way he can but [Floyd] will eventually suss him out and win on points.”

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