Coral’s Euro 2016 Live Blackjack ‘Golden Goal’ Cash Drops!

If you’re not excited about the Euros, then you’re probably not a fan of football. Ah well, if you’ve not been swept up by Euro fever, that’s fine, Coral has the promotion that you’ve been waiting for — the Live Casino Golden Goal cash drop!

What’s this bonus all about then?

To celebrate this year’s festival of football, we’re adding colour coded cards to all of our exclusive live blackjack tables on match days. That’s right — if your partner is enjoying the match, and you can’t get their attention, head on over to Coral and play some live blackjack instead. Not only will you experience the thrill of live blackjack, but you could also bag yourself £1,000 in cash.

How does this all work?

Over the next month, every blackjack shoe will contain a specific amount of bonus cards:

There’s 2 silver cards in every shoe:

In every shoe on our live blackjack tables, there will be two silver cards. If you receive one of these cards, you’ll bag a £25 sports bonus instantly. Happy days!

There’s 4 gold card added when 4 or more goals are scored:
Every time four or more goals are scored in any one match, 4 gold cards will be added to a random shoe. If you land one of these gold cards, you’ll bag a whopping £250 in CASH!.

And there’s 1 red card added every time a red card is shown in-game:
Every time a red card is shown, a single red card will be added to a shoe. If you land this one, you’ll bag a gargantuan £1000!

Not to worry though, if the dealer snags one of these cards, they’ll be reintroduced back to the shoe.

So, there you go! If there’s a match on, head on over to our live blackjack tables and snag yourself a whopping casino bonus! Good luck from all the guys at Coral!