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Live Casino just got better. Seriously better.

We’ll be honest, nothing really beats that live casino feel. Making your way to the casino with your mates, being at the table surrounded by it all, there’s nothing that really compares to it. Here at Coral we’ve done our very best to make it as good as the real thing with our brand new Live Casino format.

With four games to play – Blackjack, Roulette, Holdem and Baccarat – we’ve got every popular game covered. So if you fancy a spin of the wheel, or you feel like facing others with a game of Texas Holdem, we’re sure you’ll find one of our live dealers more than appropriate to handle your game.

All our live dealers are trained to the highest level, which means we can guarantee a quality service. They know the games inside out, and they know how to treat the punters right. It’s like you’re in the actual casino. It’s honestly that good.

We’ve got games around the clock, so you’ll never be without one of our live dealers. There’s something quite strange about playing without the live dealers. Once you’ve started, the normal format doesn’t feel right anymore. Soon playing with our live dealers will be the only way you want to play.

The new lobby is brilliant, It’s clear and simple to use. With easy to access games, all available with just the click of your mouse, you’ll never struggle to find a good game. The great thing is you’ll be able to pick your live dealer as well. So if you’ve got a favourite in mind you’ll be able to find out when they’re on and what game they’re dealing for.

So if it’s fast paced, thrilling, entertaining casino games you’re after, and you’d rather not play with a robot, you need to head on down to our brand new Live Dealer lobby now.

At Coral you only get the best, whether that’s casino, slots or sports betting.

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