Get connected with Coral’s connect card!

Coral has an amazing opportunity for new and existing customers. Introducing the Coral connect card, making it easier for you to deposit, access winnings and withdraw at any Coral shop across the UK. Use the card to manage your account, unlock exclusive promotions and play on our fantastic range of games in-store and online.  It’s the complete Coral experience in your pocket!

What is Coral Connect?

Coral connect is the latest way to bet with Coral. The card allows you to bet with Coral in store, on mobile/tablet, online and over the phone. You can deposit and collect winnings with the card at any of the 1,800+ Coral shops around the UK.

Grab The Connect Card to Bag Some Amazing Benefits

There are plenty of benefits for you when choosing the connect card. Pick up online and mobile winnings at any Coral shop without having to wait 3-4 days for cash to drop into your bank account.

You’ll also qualify for promotions and bonuses that are exclusive to connect cardholders; such as the £10 cash match on slots and our great range of roulette in-store and dedicated poker tournaments only available for connect customers.

Furthermore, you can use the card in-store which logs all your transactions — helping you keep track of your play.

How to grab your Coral Connect card!

Grabbing a card is quick and simple —  all you have to do is speak with one of our friendly members of staff in-store. Within a matter of minutes you could be set-up and ready to roll — it couldn’t be any easier.

However, things are different if you’re an existing customer. You’ll be able to pick up a card at any store, but you’ll be asked for your username — so make sure you jot it down if your memory if faulty! Once your identity has been verified, you will be asked to select a four-digit pin number to secure your connect account.

Depositing and Withdrawing with Coral connect!

There is, however, a cap on how much you can deposit and take out each day. The maximum in-store deposit is £5,500; with the maximum you can withdraw being £550.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity, head on over to Coral and get the connect card today! Don’t forget to try the card on the huge range of slots and online games!