Have fun on our range of slots!

The end of August saw the annual Notting Hill carnival, and sure you may have read some unsavoury incidents in the press, but for the vast majority, it meant meeting new people and having fun! Over a million people attended, as different cultures embraced, people played music and danced through the streets. It really was a chance to let your hair down and have a good time.

Which is exactly what we like to do at Coral – provide you with games to have fun, particularly on our great range of slots!

Here are some of the best out there. Enjoy.

Take on the criminals in Cops N’ Bandits


This light-hearted slot begins with a wonderful introduction into the characters that will be involved in the slot, including ‘Skinny Larry’ and ‘Tiny George’, who is anything but tiny.

Their comical attempts at avoiding capture from the cops will have you chuckling and then the intro will end and you will be ready to play the game.

The cartoon animations that you have just seen will be on the reels, of which there are five and there is a nice 30 paylines.

Then you spin, and there are wild features, free games and a line-up bonus to partake in along the way. These will go some way to boosting your balance.

What’s more, you can enjoy Cops N’ Bandits for as little as 1p a line!

It’s cheap, and it’s fun, get involved!

Go to battle in Call of Fruity


No prizes for guessing what this slot is all about. Of course, one of the most popular console games of all time, Call of Duty and you will get to see some great images of fruit dressed ready for battle. It’s great!

Yet, like all of our slots, there’s plenty of incentives to play other than the funny element of this slot.

There are various bonuses and scatter symbols that can increase your pot, but the most impressive feature is the huge multipliers that are on offer.

You can win anything from 2x to 500x on a spin, with a lot in between!

And our funny pair!


You’ve seen the adverts, and you’ve probably had a good laugh at them, and the good news for you is that your favourite TV duo are back!

Nope, not Ant and Dec, we are clearly on about our very own Carly & Farley, who have their very own slot here at Coral.

With Farley acting the part of the referee and Carly on the reels acting as a bonus, you could win big as well as enjoying the duo in action.

Carly can trigger bonus rounds, and with a football theme throughout this is certainly one for the fans out there.

So, there you go, have fun on our slots! Whether it’s looking at our famous faces, or enjoying a light-hearted game, there are many ways to enjoy yourselves with our slots, and there’s many more that you should look at. Of course, the best way to enjoy yourself is to win, and these games offer great prizes as much as anything. Good luck!