Late night bingo at Coral!

It’s bingo for the night owls!


Sue, we all have crazy sleeping patterns. Some of us have young children who keep us up until the crack of dawn. Others have late night jobs and fancy a bit of bingo after work.

Some, well, some just like to stay up really late every night.

Whatever kind of person you are, you’ll be pleased to know that you’re covered at Coral with Night Owl Bingo!

So, grab your sleeping bag, hot water bottle and a warm cup of coco and bag some cash at the scariest time of the night. Are you brave enough?

It sure does beat dreadful night-time TV!

What’s on offer?

Night Owl Bingo has plenty to offer for those brave enough to stay awake!

First and foremost there’s a whopping £10,000 up for grabs every night. This beats some regular bingo rooms out there, so you know, it really pays to stay up late.

We’ve even got a great selection of late night bingo games on offer such as Roll On, BOGOF, Early Morning Penny Bingo, Gold Ticket, 1TG and 2TG.

Who said that staying up late was just for kids?

Honestly, if you though that staying up late to play bingo was insane, you were wrong!

Where can you play late bingo?

Late Bingo is based in the Mega Max room which can be found on our bingo lobby. It takes place between midnight and 6am every morning.

Now you can play late night bingo every night, if you have the energy!

With £10,000 to giveaway every night, it truly is the best place to play bingo!

There we have it then! Now you can play bingo 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s like one big bingo paradise. Well, maybe not, that could just be too much bingo.

Make sure you check out our latest player promotions and offers and our new player free bingo deposit bonus! Grab your dabbers and bingo your way to riches!