Poker Hands Go: You’ve gotta grab a share of £3k!

Fancy getting your hands on a share of £3,000? Also have a crazy obsession with Pokemon? If that’s the case then you’re going to love Poker Hands Go!

The pickachu of a great bunch

Okay, so the Pokemon Go craze has come to an end, and while people are still hunting for pokemon, it’s not on the internet every single day — which is somewhat of a relief in a way. Of course, for all the hard-core Pokemon fans, it’s a sad time indeed.

Well! Can you believe it? We’ve found a way to combine pokemon and poker — and it comes in the form of Poker Hands Go!

Instead of collecting pokemon though — which would be crazy in the middle of a Texas Hold’em session — your aim is to collect every starting pair in poker. There are 13 overall, and as you do you’ll be rewarded with 13 daily mission tokens and entry to the £3k GTD freeroll.


You don’t have to wait until you’ve collected all 13 to bag the daily mission tokens though, as you’ll get one every time you land a pair. And once you’ve got all 13 you’ll bag yourself entry into the £3,000 GTD tournament. As long as you collect all 13 pairs within the week you’ll gain entry — simple!

So, that’s it — no pokemon?

Unfortunately you’re not going to find charizard, or a squirtle knocking around our fantastic poker tables, but at least you have the opportunity to bag a share of £3,000 for just doing what you do best — playing poker.

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So, there you have it! Everything you need to know about our awesome Poker Hands Go promotion. You know how it goes — head out and get hunting, because you must catch them all!