Super Diamond Deluxe slot offers sparkling rewards

There’s something to be said for classic slot machines. Super Diamond Deluxe is a modern take on an old favourite, and it’s one of our brand-new line-up of exciting slot games! Play it online now at Coral, and find out why it’s one of the world’s most popular casino slot machines.

Shining gemstones promise payouts


This slot will give you that VIP feeling

Super Diamond Deluxe does away with all the distracting backgrounds and complicated bonus rules to instead off a simple and sleek slot machine. It’s a contemporary look that houses a very traditional slot machine. There are five reels and three rows, giving you a 15-symbol matrix, and a modest 10 paylines. This lets you make reasonable bets on every line without bankrupting yourself, giving you the chance to win big when your lines do pay off.

The overall impression of the slot is that it’s very luxurious. The red curtains in the background remind you of the red carpet, and the gemstones you need to match add to the VIP atmosphere. Find the glitzy sapphires, gorgeous emeralds, glittering rubies and deluxe diamonds to net yourself the biggest rewards!

Along the bottom of the slot run the standard buttons, allowing you to make changes. The paytable is on the bottom left of the screen, while next to it is the box for changing your total bet. Increase or decrease your bet using the arrows. On the right of the screen is the handy spin button – though you can also use auto-play, if you’re going for a more hands-off approach.

Enjoy the brilliant bonus features


Generic symbols and gemstones can all be stacked

Super Diamond Deluxe might lack the complicated bonus games and wild symbols which are present in many other modern slots, but that doesn’t mean it’s missing out. Instead, this game offers a great change of pace with its own bonus features.

Non-standard paylines mean that, while there may be only ten ways to win, they don’t have to begin on the first reel. Gone are the days of your perfect combination being ruined by the stubborn first reel: Super Diamond Deluxe will still pay out for combinations that start on the first, second or third reels. They are still paid out left to right in classic slots style, but this feature adds a nice anti-frustration element as it creates multiple ways to win.

Another cool extra is that the symbols are stacked on top of each other. This means you can get runs of different coloured gems coming down the reels, and a lucky spin could net you multiple matching lines. Thanks to paylines running not just straight across the reels, but also diagonally across them, this means you could get huge wins without relying on pesky wilds or free spins.

Finally, Super Diamond Deluxe is a progressive jackpot slot. The top of the screen shows you the current jackpot, which increases spin-by-spin as more money is paid in. There’s no special combination you have to hit: it’s a random occurrence, but if the reels turn gold then you’ll win that prize. It may seem arbitrary, but so is the chance of landing five wild symbols on the centre reels.

Overall Super Diamond Deluxe is a great slot game for veterans or newbies. Check it out on Coral’s slots page today!