Your ultimate guide to Coral Bingo

While some of you prefer the traditional casino games, here at Coral we know we have a large army of bingo fans. Yep, it may surprise you to know but it’s not just the Grannies who love to play bingo, however, once you play it’s easy to see why.

The excitement as the numbers get called out, then the tension as you wait nervously for your final number to be called, then hopefully the joy when you win – it’s great fun!

So, we have decided to give you the full run down on all things bingo here at Coral, giving you a definitive guide to every game.

All you have to do is decide which one to play first! It could be a tricky choice given the great rooms available.

The traditional 90-ball games

Firstly, the game that you are probably most accustomed too, 90-ball bingo. Obviously, there are 90 numbers, and you will have three rows and nine columns that will have your numbers on. Then, the fun starts, and the numbers are called out.

You will be playing for one line, two lines and full house prizes usually available, and if you’re lucky you might find a few jackpots thrown in!

Themed games


Find your favourite soaps in our bingo tab

We offer a variety of 90-ball bingo games, including two that will immediately jump out to a lot of you out there. Of course, we are on about our themed bingo rooms, based on your favourite soaps — Coronation Street and Emmerdale!

Emmerdale: We’re sure we don’t need to tell you what Emmerdale’s all about! If you enjoy the soap, this room will be perfect. It displays some of your favourite destinations in the Yorkshire Dales, but we’ll leave it to you to discover them all.

As for the prizes, one line, two lines, full house… and five jackpots! The jackpots will be based on some key locations on the show.

What’s more, you will get your numbers called out by a familiar, friendly, Emmerdale Yorkshire bingo caller. Nice!

Coronation Street: Another soap favourite that you can access on our brilliant bingo tab. Incorporating all of the well-known places in the show, from StreetCars to Roy’s Rolls and of course, the Rovers Return —  you will have great fun with this game!

However, that’s not the main reason to be cheerful, as with a progressive jackpot, if the numbers are kind you’ll bag a whopping prize!

There’s more for true fans of the show, as they will be greeted with 100 video clips that will trigger many memories. Oh, and the numbers will be called by Reg Holdsworth, with the occasional appearance from Fred Elliot! How good is that!?

Searching for value?

Some big prizes can be won from a penny stake!

Some big prizes can be won from a penny stake!

The beauty of playing bingo with us is that it won’t cost that much, or in some cases, anything! You can’t really get that from other games at the casino, which is why bingo is so appealing to so many players. These are some of the best value rooms we have on offer;

Penny Bingo (Castle Room): Can you even get sweets for a penny nowadays? We’re not sure, but what we do know is that you can play bingo at Coral for 1p, and that will put you in with a chance of landing some big prizes.

The Castle bingo club allows you to ply a range of games, every hour, on the hour. Once again, you will be playing for jackpots and bonuses, as well as the entertainment of the bingo. Not bad.

Value Room: Whilst you can get some tickets for a penny in the value room too, we have bad news, because you might have to splash out, as some of the tickets can cost 5p too!

But, seriously, it’s another way to put pennies to good use, even if you don’t win, you’re guaranteed to have fun. However, there are prizes, and they’re great. With £3,800 available each day, you can play for your share of that and hope to get lucky.

Free Bingo (Allsorts Room):  They say nothing in life is free, but we beg to differ! That’s because, whoever they are, clearly haven’t found our Allsorts room, where you can play free bingo – making the penny bingo look expensive.

Between 12-8pm the room is open, the fun begins, and you can scoop some nice prizes. Of course, we aren’t going to lie to you: if you buy a ticket, the prizes get better! But you can still get something for nothing!

Bingoal!: This is another room that will give players free bingo, and it’s one for all sports fans. Whilst your team may give you 90 minutes of disappointment, the Bingoal room won’t, because every weekend, between 4:50pm and 6:30pm there is free bingo up for grabs!

You can play for a free bingo bonus for each prize category, with full house obviously bringing in the highest amount. Just log in between the times and you can play.

Speed things up

Games are every 2-4 minutes in our swift room

Games are every 2-4 minutes in our swift room

When it comes to bingo, perhaps the only criticism we can think of is the time it takes. Whether that’s waiting around for a new room to open, or the delay in the games as the numbers are called. Don’t get it wrong, it’s never too long, but for those that want fast paced, immediate action, it isn’t ideal, but that’s where our speedy rooms come into play. There’s no hanging around, just quick bingo.

Swift Room: this is exactly what you would expect, non-stop bingo. In fact, the games will begin every 2-4 minutes! So, get the mind focussed and be ready to play, there’s no time for anything else.

This follows the same format as the other games, with the usual prizes up for grabs, it’s just relentless.

Rush Room: This bingo room is all about living life in the fast lane. There are a staggering 24 games every hour, which works out at one every two and a half minutes, so don’t fret if you miss one of the games!

This room is a winner with players for more than just the speed of the games however. It’s 24/7, so you are never too far away from a bingo game and the tickets are cheap, as they range from a penny to 25p. So if you ever fancy an intense bingo session, the Rush Room will be waiting for you.

He who dares… wins!

Will you take the chance to try and boost your winnings?

Will you take the chance to try and boost your winnings?

To conclude our roundup of our 90-ball bingo rooms, we have a room that offers a different twist to your regular games.

Big Banker Bingo: To begin with this game will seem no different to any other. You have the same 90 balls, the same strip and the same format to playing the game, which is still ace. However, the difference comes when you manage to scoop the full house prize.

Once you win you will be given a choice between accepting what the Big Banker offers, or risk finding out what it is in the golden safe before the clock ticks down! The pressure will be building, so will you play it safe and stick with what you see? Or are you prepared to take a risk?

This room is open from 8am to 1am, every day, so there’s plenty of time for you all to get involved.

Shorter formats

Often you players will want a break from tradition and try something different, and you get that on our bingo tab. There are various shorter forms of the game, which we will run through. Shorter games may be for you for one reason – they’re quicker.

With less numbers to call, you get to the exciting part of the game really quick, and if you are after a lightning fast game, then these rooms are for you.

75 & 80-ball bingo

You can get 75 & 80-ball bingo in the Allsorts room - and it's free!

You can get 75 & 80-ball bingo in the Allsorts room – and it’s free!

While 90-ball bingo is traditional in the UK, further afield some players are brought up on 75-ball bingo, so this gives them the chance to play a game that they are used to.

The idea behind 80-ball bingo is to break from tradition. Of course, it’s not really that much shorter or longer than the other two games, so the speed of the game is hardly improved. Although, for some players, it gives them a chance just to try something different – there’s no harm in that!

However, the only 75 & 80-ball bingo room we have on our tab is the Allsorts Room, which of course means Free bingo! What an easy way to get introduced to the new formats, without having to spend a penny.

40 & 50-ball bingo


This well known slot is now behind our short, sharp 40-ball bingo

The newest introduction into the bingo world is the 40-ball format, and its popularity is significantly increasing. The games are fast, the excitement is high throughout and you can win some excellent amount.

Rainbow Riches: I’m sure you all know about the slot game, and now the Irish leprechaun is bringing his pots of gold to a 40-ball bingo rooms. With the same bright colours and themes that made the slot so popular, the bingo will instantly appeal, and can be played from 9am until midnight.

The prizes are awarded for one line, and then a full house, however, there are jackpots thrown in too, did you expect anything less?

Plus, if you buy five or more tickets for a game, you will be allocated a magic number which enables you to compete for further prizes if it comes up. Not bad!

Coconut Island: This is a 50-ball game, which has the beautiful setting of palm trees, a golden beach and the sea to enjoy in the background. Once again you will be playing for one line and a full house, but there is an extra special treat if you can nab the full house in super-quick fashion.

The treasure chest jackpot, which reveals the progressive jackpot, can be claimed if you manage to get the big win within the first 15 calls!

Tickets are cheap, at 5p, and it’s open from 10am to midnight, however, this is only to played on your mobile and tablets. On the tablets you will get another little twist too, as instead of the same old bingo calls, coconuts will fall from the tree to reveal the numbers!

Bingo Lotto: Here we have combined bingo and lotto, a great combo for this 49-ball game. Just like the lotto, if you match the numbers you can win big, in fact six numbers from the first six calls will see you scoop the £25,000 jackpot.

You will have a bingo game in a lotto format, certainly something worth checking out!

Cash Cubes: This is the shortest game yet, with just 36 balls available, so it’s the quickest we have on offer, and it’s open 24/7!

It’s an innovative new game, where tickets will consist of 12 numbers contained within a trapezoid, and you complete it by getting all four numbers on a side of a cube. Collect all four cubes and you are the big winner, with prizes regularly playing out up to £1,000!

But, as always, check the T&C’s of any bingo game that you play, so you know all you need too.

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about Coral bingo – and as you can see, there’s a lot to play! Whether it’s the traditional route, or the speedy formats, you have it all, so go and enjoy, and good luck.