How to play Leprechaun Luck

So you’re new to the world of slots; they confuse you, the baffle you. The flashing lights, thirty win lines and strange bonus features leave you all confused. If you need a helping hand to take you through the world of slots then look no further – this article will help you tackle some of our more difficult games.

In this article we will be taking a look a Leprechaun Luck.

This game is probably the most Irish you can get here at Coral. With four leaf clovers and Guinness symbols whirling around on your screen, along with wild symbols and strange bonus features; things can get a little confusing quick.

First of all let me explain what the progressive jackpot is all about. Generally with most slots games they will have a limited jackpot, say £250,000. Of course, nobody is complaining at £250,000 – it’s just that some games will offer you more – they are, what slots players call Progressives. With progressive slot machines the jackpot keeps on rising until someone wins it.

Progressives are usually won by matching five specific symbols across one line – usually the middle line, but it can be different. With Leprechaun Luck, it’s a little different, you win the progressive jackpot via a feature.

A feature is pretty much like a bonus game. They’re usually the place where you’ll win free spins and other cash prizes. Features are usually triggered by fulfilling certain requirements – Leprechaun Luck’s features are triggered by certain ‘scatter symbols’ being visible on the screen. ‘Scatter symbols’ are symbols that don’t have to line up, they can appear any place on the screen. For the ‘Rainbow of Wealth’ bonus you need three pots of gold anywhere on the screen; for the ‘Leprechaun’s Pipe’ bonus, you need three Leprechauns on the screen – you see how it works – scatter just means ‘anywhere.’

Leprechaun Luck offers you the chance to win twenty ways. It means that if you match any symbol three, four or fives times on any line you’ll be paid a prize depending on the symbol. The ’10’ symbol paying the least and the ‘Luck-Wild’ symbol paying the most – paying 10,000x you stake!

The ‘wild-luck’ symbol is a bit like a joker in the pack, it can be matched with any symbol on the reel, increasing your chances of winning a bigger prize. It can also be locked for a certain amount of spins as well, further increasing your chances of winning.

The amount you stake can be changed quite easily, just press the big minus [-] or plus [+] symbols on your screen to either decrease or increase your stake – that’s how much you’ll be betting on every spin – so be careful.

If the idea of pressing spin every time sounds annoying then you can use the auto-spin feature. Right next to the spin symbol found in the bottom left hand corner you will find the ‘auto plays’ button. It will automatically spin the reels fifty times for you – but don’t worry, you can stop it any time.

Leprechaun Luck is a nice easy start into the world of slots. It’s not too difficult to play, and it has easy to play features which generally depend on you spinning a wheel or picking prizes out of a hat (not literally of course.)

So why don’t you head on down to Coral Slots now and give it a go yourself – and who knows, maybe the luck of the Irish might pay off.