How to play Merlin with Coral

So you’re new to the world of slots; they confuse you, the baffle you. The flashing lights, crazy win lines and strange bonus features leave you all confused. If you need a helping hand to take you through the world of slots then look no further – this article will help you tackle some of our more difficult games.

In this article we will be taking a look a Merlin.

Enter the magical world of Merlin, the wizard who has been a household name for centuries. Have no doubt that this slots game captures the magical story perfectly – with spell books; potion making and big money spells – we’re sure you’ll have a thrilling time playing this game.

The layout is familiar to most slots games – in the top left hand corner you’ll find your balance and in the top right you’ll find how much you won on your last spin. Down in the bottom right hand corner you’ll find you the spin and auto-spin button. In the centre you’ll find the stake button, where you’ll be able to change your bet, and in the bottom left hand corner you’ll find the pay-table button, where you can find out about all the features and how you’ll be able win the big money!

Anyway, that’s just the layout – let’s talk about the juicy bonus features – and Merlin has loads!

• Firstly let’s talk about the cash-pot bonus – it’s pretty simple. If you manage to get five cash-pot symbols on your screen, you’ll win the bonus. Merlin’s cash-pot stands at nearly £100,00 – so get cracking!

Next you’ve got the four bonus features which are triggered by the scatter symbol. If you manage to hit a scatter symbol on reels 1, 3 & 5 you’ll get the chance to play some magical bonus games!

• The first game is ‘Book of Spins.’ You’ll be challenged to flick through a book of spells, the further you go, the more spins you could win – how far you go is up to you, but be warned, go too far and you could lose it all.

• Next up is the ‘Free Spins’ bonus.’ You’ll be given a set amount of free spins, but if you manage to collect five magical runes that will appear on your screen then you could win more!

• Then you’ve got the ‘Spell of Plenty’ bonus. If you love potions, then you’re going to love this bonus. You’re challenged with mixing the right potion, if you do, you could be rewarded with big cash prizes. The better your potions spell, the better your prize will be – so I hope you’ve been studying!

• Finally you’ve got the ‘Wild Fire’ bonus. This wonderful bonus changes one symbol into a wild symbol. This increases your chances of winning to magical proportions, helping you win the big cash prizes!

So if you fancy giving the magical world of Merlin a go, head on down to Coral now and show off your witchcraft and wizardry!

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