How to play – Monty Python’s Spamalot with Coral

So you’re new to the world of slots; they confuse you, they baffle you. The flashing lights, crazy win lines and strange bonus features leave you all confused. If you need a helping hand to take you through the world of slots then look no further – this article will help you tackle some of our more difficult games.

In this article we will be taking a look at Monty Python’s Spamalot

If you’re not familiar with Monty Python, then you’ve been living under a rock. Honestly, what have you been doing with your life. If you love a good laugh, and you’re into something a little bit silly, then you have found the perfect slot for you.

It’s not one of the most trickiest games to play, but if you’re not too confident with the slots format then we’re here to help.

Let us take you through how this game works

First of all you need to know how to get the game going. That’s simple. You press the spin button! Place your bet and get it going, the more you stake per line the more you’ll potentially win. You can also determine how many lines you’ll play, so you can choose to put more money on less lines or spread it over the board.

But it’s not all about matching symbols, it’s about the amazing bonus features as well!

Let’s take you through the features Spamalot has to offer.

There are plenty of Bonus game on offer, all of which are triggered by landing a symbol on reels 1 to 5.

You’ve got the Storm The Castle bonus, which requires you to storm a castle full of French people, which isn’t exactly culturally appropriate, but it’s all in good nature. You’ve got to choose a strategic spot and hopefully avoid a cow thrown by the French. If you avoid it, you win cash prizes! Don’t ask, it’s madness.

Another great game is the None Shall Pass bonus. If you’re familiar with the film you’ll know the reputable Dark Knight, who will stop at nothing to make sure you don’t pass. You’ve got to knock his limbs off, the more you knock off the more you win. Easy.

There are so many bonus games that you’ll have to head over and check them out for yourself. They’re really easy to play, so you won’t be stuck at your screen wondering what to do. They’re simply click and collect bonus features.

Right now the jackpot is quickly approaching £1.7 million, so you better get on down now before someone else wins.

Let’s hope it’s you!