Monopoly Deposit Promo – Bet and Get £10!

The legendary board game ‘Monopoly Big Event’ has arrived and now you can ‘pass go’ to an instant £10 bonus!
Monopoly Big Event is one of a long string of Monopoly themed slots machines out there – so you know you’re in for a good time. These guys really do know how to make a great game, and the same can be said about their latest creation.

With Monopoly Big Event – bigger is definitely better.

Let me explain.

When you first play the game you’ll have two options; normal play and big event play. Normal play is your general slots play – 50p or more stakes, regular bonus features, same old slots. If you’re up for some fun though, and some serious winnings, you should definitely check out the big event stakes where you’ll pay for five spins in advance, but your chances of winning will increase from 96% to an insane 99% – absolutely fantastic.

For a £20 stake (£4 per spin) you’ll get a ‘progressive multiplier’ which multiplies any winnings. On your first spin it will multiply your winnings by 1x, then 2x… all the way to 5x. If you hit it big on your last spin you could be in for some crazy winnings.

If you’re up for playing with £30 (£6 per spin), well, you’re in for the time of your life.

You’ll get the opportunity to play one of three bonus features – the ‘progressive multiplier’ we’ve already talked about; the ‘epic spins bonus’ and the ‘persisting wild bonus.’

The ‘epic spins bonus’ multiplies all winnings by 5x every turn, a beefier version of the ‘progressive multiplier’ – not bad for an extra tenner. You’ll also get the chance to play the ‘persisting wild’ bonus, where ‘big event’ bonus symbols will lock for five spins, turning wild. If you get three big event symbols on your screen you’ll unlock the big event bonus – to find out what the big event bonus is, well, you’ll just have to take a look for yourself, but it’s something special.

Simply deposit and play £10 on ‘Monopoly Big Event’ on our Games Tab or on mobile between now and 23:59 UK Time Wednesday 3rd June and get an instant bonus of £10!

You won’t be ‘board’ with this slot!