The evolution of football goal celebrations

Coral look at the most iconic celebrations

The use of goal celebrations has come a long way.

From Roger Milla’s dance, to Peter Crouch’s robot right up until Griezmann’s ultra-modern Hotline bling – goal celebrations have evolved a great deal.

Here, Coral look at the most iconic celebrations over the past 60 years…

Hotline bling: Antoine Griezmann (2016)

Griezmann’s hotline bling celebration is the most recent entry on this list.

When the diminutive forward scores, he shapes both hands into a telephone, mimicking rapper Drake, before shaking them just below his head.

With those blonde locks flopping from side to side, Griezmann’s celebration has become unmistakable for both France and Atletico Madrid.

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Antoine Griezmann Goal celebration

The Sniper: Edinson Cavani (2014)

Easily identifiable but hugely controversial, Edinson Cavani’s sniper celebration didn’t go down well with everyone.

The Uruguayan forward was sent off after getting down on one knee and pretending to fire gunshots into the crowd following his goal against Lens in 2014.

A world-class marksman inside the box, perhaps Cavani should let his boots do the talking in the future.

Edinson Cavanni goal

Sturridge Dance: Daniel Sturridge (2014)

Not quite as popular with the crowds as Peter Crouch’s robot (more on that later), Daniel Sturridge’s ‘Studge’ dance was hugely popular in 2014.

Done by making a wave movement with both arms, it was the inspiration for a whole new wave (pardon the pun) of Dad dancing on Merseyside.

It came out no fewer than 24 times during the Reds’ flirtation with Premier League glory during the 2013-14 season.

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Daniel Sturridge Goal celebration

Siii: Cristiano Ronaldo (2013)

A maverick player like Cristiano Ronaldo needs a maverick celebration.

And with his ‘Siii’ war cry, Ronaldo has somehow managed it. After scoring, the Portuguese runs away from the goal before jumping, landing and shouting the abnormal cry.

He hasn’t just confined it to the football field, though. Ronaldo also brought out the shout at the end of his Ballon D’Or acceptance speech in 2015.

It’s the only celebration on this list that is more typified by a noise rather than a move.

Cristiano ronaldo goal celebration

The Heart: Gareth Bale (2010)

Cheesy it might be but the heart celebration is synonymous with Gareth Bale.

After scoring what usually tends to be a pretty incredible goal, Bale moves his hands into a heart shape before running off in delight.

What started off as an emotional tribute to childhood sweetheart Emma Rhys-Jones has quite literally become a trademark of brand Bale.

And in the same way that their relationship has evolved, so has Bale’s career. After debuting the celebration for Tottenham Hotspur, the Welshman has gone on to become one of Real Madrid’s most important players, can he help Los Blancos retain this years Champions League trophy?

The Robot: Peter Crouch (2006)

Prior to 2006, no one had ever seen a 6ft 7in centre-forward dance like a robot.

But after Peter Crouch bagged the first goal of a hat-trick against Jamaica as England warmed up for the 2006 World Cup, the robot celebration was everywhere.

The ex-Liverpool striker was at the centre of it all, even if it would be another 11 years before the robotics returned.

After scoring his 100th Premier League in February of this year, Crouch oiled his joints to perform the iconic celebration once more.

Peter Crouch Goal Celebration

The Cartwheel: Robbie Keane (2002)

With stops at Wolverhampton Wanderers, Inter Milan and LA Galaxy, Robbie Keane has clocked up plenty of mileage in his career. But the one thing that has gone with him every time is that celebration.

The roly-poly, cartwheel pistol amalgamation has been Keane’s trademark since 1997. And with 381 goals to his name spanning a 20-year career, he’s certainly had plenty of opportunities to show his gymnastic ability.

Robbie Keane Goal Celebration

The DJ: Emile Heskey (2002)

Believe it or not there was once a time when Emile Heskey scored enough goals to warrant a trademark goal celebration.

DJ Heskey hit the decks a number of times in the early-2000s, most memorably for Liverpool.

Unfortunately the ex-Leicester City man did not pursue a career in Ibiza after retiring from football in 2016.

Emilie Heskey Goal celebration

The Psycho: Stuart Pearce (1996)

Ever wondered where Stuart Pearce got his ‘Psycho’ nickname from?

Well if you have – or you just want reminding for the sake of it – you need to go back to England’s Euro 1996 quarter-final penalty shootout victory over Spain.

After missing in a penalty shootout six years prior against West Germany, Pearce achieved redemption at Wembley.

He smashed his spot-kick beyond Andoni Zubizarreta before outpouring six years’ worth of pent-up emotions.

Stuart Pearce goal celebration

The Dentist’s Chair : Paul Gascoigne (1996)

East prior to Euro 96, this celebration goes down in Three Lions folklore.

After scoring one of England’s best ever tournament goals against Scotland, Paul Gascoigne managed to top the strike with his subsequent celebration.

Ever the joker, Gazza went down flat on his back as his teammates got the water bottles from the side of the pitch and squirted water all over the mesmeric midfielder.

The Dentist’s chair was born.

Paul Gascoigne Goal celebration

The one-handed salute: Alan Shearer (1996)

Shearer’s one-handed salute may have been a simple celebration. But sometimes the simple ones are the best.

The Geordie hero was a regular scorer for Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle United and England. However, it was for his hometown club where Shearer performed that famous celebration the most.

The Premier League’s top goalscorer hit 206 goals in the famous black and white stripes. And that celebration featured almost every time.

Alan Shearer Goal celebration

The Baby: Bebeto (1994)

If you’ve ever wanted to know where the popular mid-2000s, ‘cradling the imaginary baby’ celebration came from, then look no further.

Bebeto was a trailblazer. After scoring in the quarter-final against the Netherlands, the eventual World Cup winner ran to the corner before cradling an imaginary baby in celebration of his newborn son.

It produced one of the most memorable World Cup images, as three Samba Men cradled a trio of pretend Samba babies.

Bebeto Goal celebration

Corner Flag Dance: Roger Milla (1990)

If you were asked to name a memorable celebration at a World Cup, you’d probably come up with Roger Milla’s for Cameroon.

It almost didn’t happen, though. Milla had to be asked by Cameroon’s president at the time if he would come out retirement for the tournament in Italy.

Luckily Milla accepted. He then scored a thumping header against Romania before heading to the corner flag and unleashing his killer moves.

He would go on to score a further three times in the tournament.

Roger Milla Goal Celebration

Run and cheer: Geoff Hurst (1966)

This was a celebration based on pure elation and perhaps the only one on this list that was not pre-planned.

Hurst’s celebration wasn’t scripted; it was just the exultation of absolute joy at scoring in the biggest football match on the planet.

After bundling home the first goal, Hurst leapt into the air, fists aloft before embracing teammate George Cohen with a huge hug inside the 18-yard-box.

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