Will Wigan get gunned down by the Gunners?

Will Wigan get gunned down by the Gunners? Or will the Houdini act that is synonymous with Wigan be performed yet again? Arsenal are 4/11 to win, the draw 4/1 and Wigan 13/2

Tomorrow’s game at the Emirates is quite literally the most important game in the premiership calender for both teams. Should Arsenal win, they’ll be one step away from cementing themselves as an ever present top 4 finishing club, thus guaranteeing Champions League (qualifiers at worst) next year. Should Wigan lose, they’ll be playing away at the likes of Doncaster and Bournemouth.

A draw for Wigan gives them a mathematical chance of avoiding defeat, they’ll need Tottenham to thrash Sunderland, and in turn, thrash Villa in their final game of the season.

Normally Wigan would put up a good fight and would escape by the skin of their teeth, but the pressure could well be insurmountable after throwing away the game at Swansea last week. The floodgates could well open, and Arsenal are 9-1 to win 3-0, with Arsenal to win to nill is 6/4.

Wigan could be on a high after winning the FA Cup and surprise everyone, but to a neutral, it looked as if they put 110% into that final, and Manchester City didn’t put anywhere near 100% in. That meant a-lot to them, but was it at the cost of premiership survival?

This article definitely wasn’t written by a Villa fan hoping for Wigan to lose to secure safety!