Four fashion trends of Premier League managers

With Tim Sherwood installed as new Aston Villa boss, one consistency that fans can certainly expect is that he will be wearing his gilet weekly.

Fans will remember when he famously flung it to the floor in the 1-0 derby defeat to Arsenal last season as Tottenham head coach, before admitting in the post-match interview that he couldn’t remember what he was angry about.

There are even reports that the club shop have started selling this item of clothing, so Coral take a look at four other Premier League managers who have had their own unique fashion trends!

Arsene Wenger
Featuring heavily this season, is the Frenchman’s coat, or more in particular, his zip. Week in, week out, Wenger always seems to struggle to fasten it up, often leaving him frustrated. A campaign hasn’t yet circulated to attach velcro to his coat, though in light of this video, watch this space!

Roberto Mancini
Anyone who didn’t know what the Italian looked like could easily identify him, by a certain blue and white Manchester City scarf, which was often draped around his neck when in charge at the Etihad. One of the more iconic fashion pieces in football, and people often wondered whether it was always the same one.

Jose Mourinho
Mr Slick himself, it is very rare that the Portuguese boss is seen without donning his Armani suit. As stylish as the teams he manages, Mourinho raised the standards of matchday appearance when he first came to the Premier League.

Champions League fans will remember when his Real Madrid side beat Manchester City and Mourinho slid onto the pitch to celebrate a goal with his players, which can be viewed below.

Tony Pulis
Capping it off, is the West Bromwich Albion manager, who is consistently seen in the same baseball cap. Although he always wears a tracksuit, it is in fact his head gear which catches the attention. Inexpensive and practical, you certainly have to take your hat off to him!