The Benefits of Coral Connect

With Coral Connect, you’ll be able to pull all your betting platforms together into one simple account. So, if you use your mobile device on your lunch break, your laptop whilst tucked up in bed and play in-store over the weekend, you’ll be playing under one, easy to manage account. With that in mind we’re going to take you through some of the amazing benefits you’ll get with a Coral Connect account!

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In-shop or Full Coral Connect?

First of all you need to work out what type of account you need; Full Coral Connect or In-Shop Only Connect.

With an In-Shop account you’ll get cashless transactions and quicker bet placements, but these benefits are only apply in our stores. To get the full benefits of Coral Connect you’ll need to sign up for the Full Coral Connect experience.

What are the full benefits of Coral Connect?

Deposit with cash – play online!

So, regardless of whether or not you have a bank account, you can now play online hassle free! No more trawling to your local newsagents for a voucher to play online – you can now simply pop into one of our 1800+ stores to deposit into your Coral account – simple!

Win online – Collect in person!

You’ve had a huge win on the horses but cannot wait three days for you winnings to transfer into your account – well, wait no more! With Coral Connect you can call into any of our stores to collect your cash once your bet is settled. That’s right, no more waiting around for those pesky bank; you’re in charge now.

One player – One balance

£20 in one account, £10 on betting slips, £5 on your mobile account – we know, it gets awfully difficult to manage. With Coral connect you’re able to roll all these accounts into one. Which means you can keep track on how much you’re spending and how much you’re winning! So whether you play online through the week and in-store over the weekend, you can keep tabs on how much you’re staking and where you’re staking it.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is pretty simple! All you have to do is visit one of our 1800+ stores throughout the UK and sign up with one of helpful customer service assistants. They’ll take you through the benefits of both accounts in more detail and get you set up straight away.

Basically if you play with Coral in multiple ways then Coral Connect is perfect for you!

Enjoy your gaming with Coral!