The ultimate football counties study coming soon on Coral…

Sam Barnard, Assistant Sports Editor | May 20, 2016

Brace yourselves football fans, for Coral are set to present the ultimate counties study from the week commencing May 23rd to keep you occupied until Euro 2016 with the Premier League now over.

Ever wondered what English football would would be like if teams were split into regions and players only born within their could represent them?

Well, wherever you live or were born in England, from Bedfordshire to Yorkshire alphabetically, or all the way up in Northumberland to down in Cornwall geographically, we have found starting XIs and squads for 42 counties.

Coral counties map inset

We have picked each player based on their place of birth (former Yorkshire cricket rules), rather than where they were brought up, meaning many nations such as Scotland, Wales, both Northern and the Republic of Ireland and even countries abroad are represented.

Unfortunately, due to their size and low population count, Rutland and City of London don’t feature, but all four territories of Yorkshire and East and West Sussex have been merged into one county apiece.

So, hold on tight for just a couple more days to digest the upcoming cup finals from across Europe, when you’ll find out how your county compares to others in England and see which can boast the best (and worst) current crop of players…