Tweets of the week Champions League fall out

Manchester City spoke too soon

And the support apparently stayed at home

Something Paul Scholes too great delight in sharing

Ferdinand did not stop there either

And with that in mind the choice of advertising was not great

A trend we would love to catch on, celebrating goals is so last year

Francesco Totti made history last night

As did Xavi

And Terry

While two Chelsea old boys reunited

and shock horror David Luiz plays a blinder

Nice to see Nani remains consistent though

And don’t forget to check out our fantastic acca tonight, its even got Arsene smiling

Or maybe that’s because its his 18th Anniversary at Arsenal today, top work sir!

Alan Brazil selects his favourite moment in celebration!

But in all seriousness here’s to one of the Premier League’s all time great managers (who apparently does not age either)