Coral launch race simulator feature

Coral have come up with a new tool to help horse racing fans find winners without having to spend hours studying the form.

The Race Simulator is a unique piece of software designed exclusively for Coral by Quantum Leap, and crunches the numbers to try and predict the outcome of races.

It looks at the horses form, weight, going preferences, jockey and trainer form to generate a selection and a main danger alternative.

It is available on every race in the UK and Ireland covered by Coral, and gives a virtually running of the race with comments on each horse before coming up with an outcome.

The Race Simulator is currently only available via laptop, but Coral plan to have it accessible via mobile from May 19th.

It’s a great labour saving device and provides another tool to the punters’ armoury in their battle to beat the bookie.

To see how it works go onto any horse race on the Coral website and click on ‘Race Simulator’.