£250,000 jackpot available on Wild Knights now!

Wild Knights is a five reel, 10 line Vegas style slots machine offering you intense gameplay, fantastic bonuses and an impressive £250,000 jackpot. Not only that though fellow knights, if you deposit and play £20 on our slots section or our mobile app between now and the 17th May you’ll get an instant £10 bonus – now that’s something worth playing for!

Wild Knights comes with two options: normal play and Hi-Roller play, which is something you don’t find often on a slots machine. This is great if you’re not quite up for staking large amounts of cash, but also works out well for those who are feeling a little more adventurous. One advantage the Hi-Roller section has over normal play is that it holds the bonus symbols, which means you have a higher chance of hitting Wild Knight’s brilliant bonus feature.

Most slots machines will offer you a limited amount of free spins – that’s something we’re used to – but Wild Knights is offering you so much more than that. Wild Knights will – if you are a worthy enough Knight – give you the chance to win UNILIMITED FREE SPINS, that’s right – UNLIMITED!

Simply trigger the bonus feature – 3 shield symbols anywhere on the screen – and you’ll be met with the bonus screen where you’ll have to spin to win. Sure, it will offer you the opportunity to win
five free spins, but if you’re lucky enough to land on either one of the six unlimited spins prizes, well, you’re in for a wild night!

When you land on the unlimited slots prize you gain between one and three lives. Basically, you’ll get unlimited free spins until the dragon symbol appears on your screen and takes away one of your lives. It becomes an battle between you and the dragon as it aims to protect it’s treasure – the question is, do you have what it takes to win?