April £1 million giveaway: 1,000 chances to win £1,000 at Bingo

Our Bingo room brings together great games, happy players and friendly chat hosts; there to help your gaming experience something you’ll want to repeat. Throughout April, our Megamax Bingo room will also be offering 1,000 chances to win £1,000 with dozens of enhanced daily games. That amounts to an incredible £1 million giveaway over the month, and all you have to do to grab your share is play!

The catch? Tickets are monstrously expensive at a jaw dropping 50p a go. Actually, that doesn’t sound too bad when every game has a top prize of a cool £1k! Our enhanced schedule will feature 2 different types of game, both with fixed prize payouts, as follows:

1. £1300 game: Full house – £1,000, 2 Line – £200, 1 Line – £100
2. £3000 game : Full house – £1,000, 2 Line – £1000, 1 Line – £1,000

We’ll be running 27 value added games every day, apart from Easter Weekend (Friday 3rd – Monday 6th April) when there will be either 29 or 30. All games will begin between 10:00 – 23:59 in the Megamax, and you’ll be able to view a complete schedule by visiting the room each day.

Regular Bingo players may be familiar with our effervescent chat hosts; including Fiona, Helen and Carrie. They’ll certainly be busy next month with a packed schedule and new faces to meet and greet! We take pride in having a social, friendly and active community of Bingo players and now, with our £1 million Bingo giveaway, you can also add “well rewarded”. I’d call that a Full House!

With 1,000 chances to win the £1,000 top prize over April; you’ve got no excuse for missing out! Special games will be running all day, every day and thousands of Coral customers will be walking away with a smile, plus a heavily inflated account balance. Our £1 million giveaway month starts on April 1st, we’ll see you in the Megamax!