Coral present Game of the Day: Gold Rally

Thanks for joining us for another installment of Game of the Day; where today we present the rootinest tootinest new slot game to be released in a while – Playtech’s Gold Rally progressive jackpot slot. This particular jackpot is a particularly enviable one, as you’d expect with this game’s gold mining theme with a record win of almost £4,000,000!

Gold Rally is all about the pioneer spirit, as you pilot a treacherous mine cart crewed by toothless prospectors on a wild dash for cash. You’ll quickly notice that the game has ditched a traditional 5×3 layout for an innovative 3×3, with the 8 paylines running both horizontally and vertically.

Gold Rally’s progressive jackpot grows every time it is played and regularly ventures into 7 figures. You can see the current jackpot size at any time on a ticker in the game. To trigger the top jackpot you’ll have to be playing all 8 lines; and fill all 9 of the grid squares with the weighing scale “scatter”.

There’s more to play for than the grand top prize of course, pistols, horseshoes, mine carts and lanterns all appear as paying symbols; awarding up to a healthy 500x your bet (for a payline of 3 “Gold Rally” symbols). There is also an interactive bonus game, triggered when a stick of dynamite appears in each of the corner squares. You’ll be taken to a mini game where you pick items to explode; then discover what prize you’ve left for last!

Check it out now!