Coral present Game of the Day: Marvel Slots

What happens when you take a table game classic, throw in a cast of superheroes, and link it all to 4 separate progressive jackpots? Thats what we’re here to find out with our game of the day column, where of course we’re focusing on Marvel Roulette.

The first thing to note is that Marvel Roulette really does look and play like any other Roulette game at the outset; aside from the cast of Marvel characters lurking around in the background! The main difference is that the Marvel wheel has both a “0” pocket and a “Marvel Bonus” pocket, where the “00” would be on an American Roulette wheel.

When the ball lands in “Marvel Bonus”, and you have a bet on, a bonus round is triggered where you have 3 spins to amplify your gains. On each spin some pockets are replaced with superheroes, and the more you match the bigger the reward. Bear in mind that the amount you play for in this bonus round depends on the bet you had on “Marvel Bonus”, not total bet size.

Otherwise, this game plays like a fun, themed Roulette game, with some cool bonus feature which allow you to track statistics, save and auto play favourite bets, and even introduces “featured” bets from French Roulette.

That is unless you count the chance of a randomly triggering Marvel Jackpot round which can occur at any time, whether you’ve won or lost. If this happens you’ll get the chance to play for 1 of Marvel’s 4 progressive jackpots of which the largest, Ultimate Power, regularly runs to over $500,000!

This game is an interesting new take on the age old classic of Roulette, which was first played in 18th century Paris. Most players feel that the addition of an extra zero pocket is a worthwhile exchange for the bonus fun of the bonus round, not to mention the opportunity to play for huge jackpots. The Marvel franchise has proved an instant winner amongst slots players and it seems likely that their first outing into table games will find an enthusiastic fan base.

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