Coral present Game of the Day: Mobile Premium Roulette

Thank you for joining us for another installment of Game of the Day, where our mission is to bring you the latest, greatest and most exciting casino games around.Today we take on one of the shining stars of our mobile casino – Mobile Premium Roulette; available to play wherever you are through the Coral app.

We all know Roulette has a rich and colourful history – from being played on Mississippi riverboat casinos, to entertaining the crowned heads of Europe at Monte Carlo. Through the last 250 years Roulette has become the most iconic casino game there is.

It all begins in Paris, 1796, in the heady air of revolutionary France all sorts of new ideas and technologies arrived in the capital; and Roulette caused a major stir when it was first exhibited at the Palais-Royal. The freely spinning numbered wheel had been adapted from a design by noted physicist Blaise Pascal, in his search for a perpetual motion device.

One of the attractions of Roulette, then as now, is that you have so much freedom to play your own game and the odds you face, without affecting the house edge. Whether you take 36/1 single number shots or even 18 number bets; you can find the perfect bet for your preferences. Of course half the fun is inventing your own strategy, with an elaborate mixture of outside and number bets, in an elaborate design of your own invention.

With our mobile casino app, available for iOS, Android and Blackberry, you can enjoy Premium Mobile Roulette on the move, wherever you can get an internet connection! You’ll get all the features of our regular roulette games, including re-bet and autospins in a convenient mobile package.

What’s more as soon as you join our mobile casino you instantly unlock a £20 free bet to get you started. Through our mobile app you’ll get access to our live sportsbook and event streaming, along with over 50 premium titles in our mobile casino. So what are you waiting for? With Mobile Premium Roulette the action comes to you, anytime and anywhere!