Coral supports Prostate Cancer UK

At Coral we’re always on the look out for how we can support the important work of charities, through our partnership with Bet4Balls we have devised a way to reward new customers not only with their free bet, but also a donation to Prostate Cancer UK.

The principle is simple, if you sign up for a new Coral account through Bet4Balls, they will donate £15 to Prostate Cancer UK. Your name will be lights when you become a donator, much like Gaz Henners did, what a star.

To make a real difference, simply sign up to Coral via the Bet4Balls site, enjoy the benefit of having an upto £50 free bet, safe in the knowledge that signing up and placing your first bet will be making a difference to everyone associated with Prostate Cancer UK.

10,000 men a year die of Prostate Cancer, Prostate Cancer UK offer support to the recently diagnosed, throughout the whole ordeal. On top of this they answer queries to those who are showing symptoms and have concerns.

It pays to understand the condition, it’s easily treatable if caught early.