Rainbow Riches Deposit, Bet and Get £10

Legend says that the Leprechaun keeps his treasure in a huge pot at the end of the rainbow – do you have the will to take him on and steal all his gold? Give it a shot and play our brand new version of Rainbow Riches!

With 5 reels and twenty pay lines, along with loads of wild symbols, and plenty of bonus features to dig into, Rainbow Riches makes searching for gold fun and exciting!

Hit the Road to Riches bonus and you’ll soon been walking down the richest road you know. Spin the spinner and move onwards, collecting more money as you go. The more you spin the more you win, and if you’re lucky you could be taking home a very tasty prize indeed!

Grab your pennies because if you hit the Wishing Well bonus you’ll be chucking them down for days. Who knows what’s waiting for you at the bottom, and the reward could be great – each Wishing Well will contain a bonus multiplier, where one could be worth up to a 500x bonus – that’s right, a 500x bonus on your stake – you lucky thing!

Suddenly find your screen shining with pots of treasure? – you’ve hit the Pots of Gold bonus! Gold, silver and bronze pots spin around your screen and once they come to a halt, if the lucky arrow points to a gold pot you could, if fortune smiles upon you, cash in on a 500x multiplier bonus – that’s right, another 500x multiplier for you to get your hands on!

So could you go from rags to ‘rainbow riches’ with the help of our fantastic new slots promotion? – Simply deposit £10 and if you’re unsuccessful on your search for the Leprechaun’s gold, we’ll give you another £10 to try again – now that is an absolutely fantastic deal!