£15 Million Scoop6 up for grabs with Coral

The Scoop6 record combined pool will be smashed again this weekend, with the pot expected to hit a staggering £15 million.

You would be mad not to get involved, so here is all you need to know about the bet and how to get involved for as little as £2.00

The Scoop6 is a totepool bet which runs each Saturday on six selected races, and the aim is to pick the winner each.

This week’s races on Saturday, May 24th are: Leg 1 – Haydock 2.05; Leg 2 – Catterick 2.50; Leg 3 – Goodwood 2.55; Leg 4 – Haydock 3.10; Leg 5 – Catterick 3.25; Leg 6 – Haydock 3.45
The Scoop6 pool is split into three separate funds – the win fund, the bonus fund and the place fund.

To win your share of the estimated £10 million win fund, you’ll need to pick the winner of all six Scoop6 races. If all six of your horses are placed, you’ll win your share of the place fund for which the average payout over the last 12 months has been £882.

All win fund winners can register to play for the estimated £5 million bonus fund the following week. To win a share of the bonus fund, you’ll need to pick the winner of the nominated bonus race as selected by totepool.

The good news is that is costs just £2 to play the Scoop6. Just pick a horse in each of the six nominated races and place your bet with Coral from 6am on Saturday. Bets can be placed both online and in shops.

To give yourself a better chance of winning, you can perm your selections by picking multiple horses in each race. Remember, the more horses you pick, the more your bet will cost.

To calculate a perm, just multiply the number of horses you have selected in each race. Eg, if you picked two horses in each race the perm would be calculated as follows:
2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 64. So 64 bets at £2 each would equal a total cost of £128.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at our guide to the Scoop6 races here and get your bet on via any Coral shop or online.