Betting on the Royal Baby booming as wait goes on

As the wait for its hugely anticipated birth goes on, betting on the Royal baby continues to grow bigger and bigger by the hour according to Coral bookmakers, who have now taken over £1 million worth of bets.

“We are now taking as many bets each hour on the Royal baby as we are taking on The Open and The second Ashes Test which is just extraordinary. Betting on the Royal baby’s name has totally caught the public imagination not just in the United Kingdom but from around the world.” Said Simon Clare, Coral Spokesman.

“However, this is just the calm before the storm. The moment Kate goes into labour, betting on the gender, name, weight and hair colour of the baby will go stratospheric and will smash all previous records for a non-sporting betting market”, added Clare.

The names being backed are becoming more and more bizarre with Matilda (66/1), Alexandrina (100/1) and Marina (100/1) all being popular this afternoon with Coral.

Alexandra remains a hot-favourite at 13/8 with Charlotte the second favourite at 7/1. A girl has always been the favourite at 4/7 over a boy being born at 6/4.


**Gender of child
4-7 Female, 6-4 Male

**Name of first child
13-8 Alexandra, 7-1 Charlotte, 9-1 Elizabeth, James, 10-1 George, 11-1 Victoria, 14-1 Diana, 22-1 Alice, 22-1 Mary, 28-1 Grace, 40-1 Eleanor, 50-1 Bar

**Date of birth
11-4 18th July
7-2 19th July
11-2 20th July
10-1 21st July
12-1 22nd July
16-1 23rd July

**Hair colour
13-8 Brunette, 5-2 Blonde, 7-2 Black, 4-1 Red/Ginger

2-1 7lb – 7lb 15oz
3-1 6lb – 6lb 15oz
4-1 8lb – 8ln 15oz
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