Bettors cash in as Scotland votes ‘no’

In a knife-edge vote which had a huge 84.6 per cent turnout, 55 per cent of voters chose to stay with Britain while just 45 per cent voted for independence.

It’s a result which may have shocked ‘yes’ voters but Coral was on the ball from the minute the polls opened, offering customers odds of 1/5 for a ‘no’ vote.

Meanwhile, those confident in Scotland closing its borders were offered fantastic value odds of 10/3, but it seemed a vote for unity was marginally more popular than Alex Salmond’s dreams of independence.

One unlucky punter would surely have been spitting his Irn Bru out when the results were announced, as Coral can report that a £10,000 stake was made on the Scots to vote ‘yes.’

Akin to the results themselves, both outcomes were popular amongst bettors. Interestingly however, it was reported that 85.5 per cent of the total bets placed in Coral’s Scotland-based shops were for a ‘yes’ vote.

Voters in West Dunbartonshire were most in favour of Scottish independence, with 54 per cent of residents voting yes. Perhaps unsurprisingly, residents in the Orkney Islands were the least confident in Scotland becoming an independent country, with just 33 per cent giving a ‘yes’ vote.

Frenzied social media users have offered their two cents on the outcome of the referendum, including TV personality Piers Morgan, who tweeted to his followers: “Och aye, it’s the noo.”

Prime Minister David Cameron told his 700,000-strong following: “I’ve spoken to Alistair Darling – and congratulated him on a well-fought campaign.”

Leader of the Scottish National Party Alex Salmond accepted his defeat graciously, telling voters: “Well done to Glasgow, our commonwealth city, and to the people of Scotland for such a incredible support.” [sic]

The referendum is not the first time that Coral have offered punters outstanding odds on politics markets. Last month, London Mayor Boris Johnson was given 16/1 odds of becoming the next Prime Minister.

With the latest political outcome, all eyes are on Alex Salmond’s next move now as Coral are offering customers odds of 4/1 for the First Minister to resign.