Bookies on Alexandra alert after Royal name gamble

Three months after they were forced to slash the odds from 25-1 to 6-1, bookmaker Coral has once again been inundated with punters wanting to back the name of William and Kate’s first child being Alexandra, and that is now the 2-1 favourite, having been twice that price this morning.

“We first saw money for Alexandra as far back as April, but in the last 24 hours 90% of the bets taken on the child’s name have been for this one. There have been numerous three figure bets placed both in London betting shops and online, and we are now beginning to worry someone knows something we don’t,” said Coral’s David Stevens.

*Name of first child
2-1 (from 4-1) Alexandra, 6-1 Charlotte, 7-1 Elizabeth, Victoria, 8-1 Diana, 9-1 James, 10-1 George, 14-1 Eleanor, 16-1 Alice, 18-1 Mary, 22-1 Grace, 40-1 Louis, Arthur, Phillip, 50-1 Bar

**Gender of child
4-7 Female, 6-4 Male

**Date of birth
9-1 12th July, 13th July, 10-1 14th July, 15th July, 16th July, 17th July, 12-1 18th July, 16-1 Bar


Further Information Contact
David Stevens 07720 400438