Bookies bet on Becks becoming a Hollywood star

With David Beckham set to star in Guy Ritchie’s ‘Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur’, leading bookmaker Coral has opened betting on the retired footballer’s Hollywood future. It’s 25-1 that the 40-year-old lands a part in a TV sitcom, while the firm is quoting odds of 33-1 that he gets the lead role in a blockbuster movie before 2020.

Beckham has won plenty of trophies and awards in the past, but the odds suggest an Oscar or a Golden Globe is out of his reach at odds of 100-1.

“David Beckham has already conquered the world of football and fashion, so the next obvious step for the British role model is the movie industry. The odds suggest he may struggle to land any big awards, but punters believe he could feature on the big screen a lot more,” said Coral’s Nicola McGeady.

**David Beckham Specials

33-1 To land the lead role in a movie before 2020

100-1 To win an Oscar or Golden Globe in his lifetime

25-1 To land a regular part in a TV sitcom