Bookies take bets on models and mishaps ahead of LFW

From supermodel stumbles to wardrobe malfunctions, the catwalk has seen it all and as London Fashion Week starts on Friday 13th, leading bookmaker Coral has started taking bets on the models and mishaps.

Model of the moment Cara Delevingne is expected to steal the show, but with her party animal reputation exceeding her, Coral is quoting 20-1 that she fails to turn up, and 25-1 that she falls over on the catwalk. Meanwhile, her latest love interest is rumoured to be Harry Styles and the One Direction heart-throb is even money to sit in the front-row during one of her shows.

With LFW commencing on Friday 13th, superstitious punters are expecting catastrophes on the catwalk and Coral is offering 2-1 that a high-heel snaps on the runway, and 20-1 that any model walks with her skirt tucked into her knickers.

“Our latest LFW specials have certainly caught the attention of our female punters and judging by the money, they’re expecting plenty of mishaps during the week!”, commented Coral’s Nicola McGeady.

“We have taken bets on everything from Cara Delevingne falling over to someone throwing a banana skin onto the catwalk and with tomorrow being Friday 13th, who knows what disasters could happen”, she added.

**London Fashion Week Specials
20-1 A no show from Cara Delevingne

25-1 Cara to fall on the catwalk

8-1 Cara to suffer a wardrobe malfunction

12-1 Cara walking up with only one eyebrow raised

25-1 Georgia Jagger walking the catwalk to “Jumping Jack Flash”

1-10 The Jaggers/ The Le Bons to be sat at the front row to support their daughters Georgia and Amber

Evens Harry Styles seated in the front row of a show Cara appears in

1-2 Rita Ora to walk at LFW

2-1 Any high heel to snap on the catwalk

50-1 Someone throwing a banana skin onto the catwalk

5-1 PETA throwing red paint on Anna Wintour

20-1 Any model to have her skirt tucked into her knickers on the catwalk

1-10 A wardrobe malfunction i.e. accidental boob/bum display

33-1 Splitting trousers on the catwalk

20-1 Hairpiece to fall out on the catwalk

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