Bookies flooded with bets on royal baby birthday

The firm has been forced to cut the odds on a Wednesday arrival into 3-1 from 4-1, while they go 6-1 that punters have to wait until Saturday for the birthday.

Meanwhile, betting on the name game continues to hot up and one in every three bets is in favour of Alexandra being the chosen name. If Kate and William opt for Alexandra, Coral are looking down the barrel at significant six-figure sum pay-out.

However, some punters have placed a cheeky wager on Kate and William naming their first-born child after David Beckham at 100-1, after the sports star called for his royal pals to name their child after him.

“Punters are clutching onto their betting slips in anticipation of the royal arrival, whilst the bookies are praying that they are saved from a nightmare pay-out. A female, named Alexandra, with brown hair, will be worst result we’ve ever faced on a novelty market”, commented Coral’s Nicola McGeady.


**Gender of child

4-7 Female, 6-4 Male

**Name of first child

6-4 Alexandra, 7-1 Charlotte, 8-1 Elizabeth, 9-1 James, 10-1 George, 11-1 Victoria, 12-1 Diana, 20-1 Alice, 22-1 Mary, 28-1 Grace, 40-1 Eleanor, 50-1 Bar

**Date of birth

3-1 17th July

4-1 18th July

6-1 19th July

8-1 20th July

14-1 21st July

16-1 22nd July

**Hair colour

13-8 Brunette, 5-2 Blonde, 7-2 Black, 4-1 Red/Ginger


2-1 7lb – 7lb 15oz

3-1 6lb – 6lb 15oz

4-1 8lb – 8ln 15oz

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