Bookies slash odds on Britain suffering coldest year ever

With temperatures set to plunge this week, bookmaker Coral has slashed the odds on the UK record low temperature of -27.2C being broken this year into 10-1 from 20-1, while it’s even money that temperatures in London drop below zero before the weekend.

Torrential rain has also been forecasted for the week, and Coral go 5-2 (from 3-1) that 2014 is the wettest year ever recorded in Britain, while it’s 14-1 that the UK mainland wind speed exceeds 173 mph.

Punters are also predicting the weather during major sporting events, and Coral go 50-1 that snow falls on Aintree during the Grand National, while it’s 40-1 that it rains every day at Wimbledon.

“We’re running for shelter after being blown away by another flood of wet weather bets this afternoon,” said Coral’s Nicola McGeady.

“The latest weather reports have gone from bad to worse, causing another betting frenzy amongst weather savvy punters,” added McGeady.

** 2014 Weather Specials

1-20 No hosepipe ban

Evens London temperatures to register minus before the weekend

5-2 UK to have the wettest year on record

10-1 UK record low temperature to be broken before the end of 2014

14-1 UK mainland wind speed to exceed 173 mph

33-1 Snow to fall on the river Thames during the University boat race

40-1 Rain every day at Wimbledon

50-1 Snow to fall on Aintree during the Grand National race


20 March 1986, wind speeds reached 173mph in the Scottish Highlands

2000 was the wettest year on record (1,337.3mm)

10 January 1982 Braemar East Scotland (-27.2 °C)


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