British betting public continue to back UK to leave Europe

With less than a week to go until the EU referendum, leading bookmaker Coral is reporting that the majority of bets they are taking continues to be on the British public voting to leave the European Union.

Whilst Britain remaining in the EU after the referendum is still the odds-on favourite at 4/9, more bets are being placed on Britain leaving the EU at 13/8, and several recent polls are now putting a ‘Leave’ result in front of ‘Remain’.

“Both the opinion polls and the odds are now pointing to a mighty close outcome to the EU Referendum but while many of the polls are saying ‘Leave’ is in front, the betting is still pointing to a small victory for the ‘Remain’ campaign, so the next few days campaigning will prove crucial”, said Simon Clare, Coral Spokesman.

“This is turning into one of the best political betting markets of all time with millions of pounds being staked on both potential outcomes and a nail-biting photo finish to the referendum is now looking an odds-on certainty”, added Clare.


**EU Referendum – Coral bet

13-8 Leave, 4-9 Remain

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