Coral hold their own Scottish Referen-bum!

On the eve of the Scottish Referendum, leading bookmaker Coral makes a majority vote for “No” the red-hot 1-5 favourite with “Yes” the outsider at 3-1, and points to the almost perfect record that the betting market has when it comes to political events.

“Despite many opinion polls suggesting the vote could be close, the bookies odds tell a different tale, and firmly suggest that the majority of Scottish people will vote ‘No’ in the referendum. When it comes to politics, the betting markets have an almost perfect record of predicting the outcome and it would therefore be the biggest shock in recent British political history if the ‘Yes’ campaign were to prove victorious,” said Coral’s Nicola McGeady.

Coral is also betting on the referendum turnout and makes 80% or more the 1-3 favourite, ahead of 79% or less at 9-4

**Note to editor: The Scottish Referendum has seen millions of pounds staked and grabbed huge attention. As a light hearted way of depicting the latest betting on the eve of the vote, Coral organised a fun stunt outside the Scottish Parliament with four Scottish men lifting their kilts to reveal the latest odds on their bare backsides.


**Will Scotland vote for independence?

1-5 No

3-1 Yes

** Referendum Turnout:

1-3  80% or more, 9-4 79% or less

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