Coral slash the odds on Royal baby being born today

Coral bookmakers have been forced to slash the odds on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s baby being born today to 1/3 from 5/6 in the face of a constant stream of bets this afternoon.

Coral initially made a Tuesday birth favourite at 4/5 but all the money today has been on the baby arriving before midnight tonight.

“Nearly every bet we have taken in the last hour has been on the Royal baby being born today. It now looks likely that this significant gamble has been sparked by inside information from someone in the hospital with knowledge of how Kate’s labour is progressing”, said Simon Clare, Coral Spokesman.

“It seems bizarre that with only hours left in the day, there has been a sudden surge of bets for the Royal baby to be born before midnight, and we are now fearful that news has leaked out that the birth is imminent”, added Clare.


**Date of birth

1-3 Monday 22nd, 5-2 Tuesday 23rd, 14-1 Wednesday 24th

**Name of first child

9-4 Alexandra, 7-1 Charlotte, 9-1 George, 11-1 James, Elizabeth, 12-1 Victoria, Helena, 18-1 Diana, 25-1 Mary, Henry, Alice, 40-1 Bar

**Gender of first child

4-7 Female, 11-8 Male

**Weight of first child

6-4 7lb – 7lb 15oz, 11-4 6lb – 6lb 15oz, 4-1 8lb – 8lb 15oz, 9-1 5lb – 5lb 15oz, 11-1 9lb – 9lb 15oz, 16-1 4lb – 4lb 15oz, 25-1 10lb or more

**Hair colour of first child

13-8 Brown, 5-2 Blonde, 7-2 Black, 4 Red/Ginger

Further Information Contact:
Simon Clare 07860 465139