Dumb And Dumber To tipped to smash the box office

The making of Dumb and Dumber To has finally gotten underway and eager fans are already placing bets on the comedy being the highest grossing movie of 2014 at 16-1 according to Coral bookmaker. The sequel is 1-10 to gross more than the original Dumb and Dumber, but it’s unlikely to clean up during the award season, with Coral quoting 33-1 that it wins an Oscar or a Golden Globe.

Fans are hoping for old characters to make a comeback, and Coral go 10-1 that Jim Carrey’s character Lloyd Christmas hooks up with Mary Swanson at 10-1. It’s even money that Harry and Lloyd achieve their dream and open up a worm farm.

“The sequel to Dumb and Dumber has been eagerly awaited and movie fans are already placing their bets on the storyline and success of the film. We can guarantee another hilarious movie, and punters are even betting on the boys opening up the worm shop that failed to evolve in the first movie”, commented Coral’s Nicola McGeady.

**Dumb and Dumber To Specials

16-1 To be the highest grossing movie of 2014 (US or UK)

1-10 To gross more than Dumb and Dumber

4-1 To be a top 5 film in the US or UK annual grossing chart of 2014

33-1 To win a Golden Globe or Oscar in 2015

8-1 To be nominated for an Oscar in 2015

10-1 To win a Razzie in 2015

10-1 Mary Swanson to date Lloyd

Evens Lloyd to open a worm farm

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