Hung parliament now 4-1 ahead of General Election

Leading bookmaker Coral has taken a flurry of bets in the last 48 hours on there being a hung parliament following the General Election on Thursday which is now 4-1 but was as big as 8-1 when the snap election was called.

The Conservatives remain the firm favourites at 1-10 to pick up the most seats, while they can be backed at 2-7 to gain a majority. Jeremy Corbyn is 7-2 with Coral to be the Prime Minister on July 1st, while he is odds-on at 2-5 not to be leader of the Labour Party at the end of 2017.

“The Majority of the bets we have taken in the last 48 hours have been for there to be a hung parliament following the General Election. The Conservatives remain the long odds-on favourites to pick up the most seats, however, the odds on them gaining a majority are drifting with each day,” added Hill.

**General Election Most Seats
1-10 Conservative, 11-2 Labour, 500-1 Liberal Democrats, 1000-1 UKIP, Green

**Prime Minister on July 1
2-9 Theresa May, 7-2 Jeremy Corbyn, 33-1 Boris Johnson, 200-1 Tim Faron, 500-1 Paul Nuttall

**General Election Overall Majority
1-4 Conservatives, 4 No overall majority, 12-1 Labour, 500-1 Liberal Democats,

**Conservative seats
5-6 361 or more, 5-6 360 or fewer (Was 395 or more, 394 or fewer)

**Labour seats
5-6 210 or more, 5-6 209 or fewer (Was 163 or more, 162 or fewer)

**Liberal Democrat seats
5-6 11 or more, 5-6 10 or fewer (Was 18 or more, 17 or fewer)

**SNP seats
5-6 47 or more, 5-6 46 or fewer

**UKIP seats
1-5 None, 7-2 One or more

**Conservative majority over 100


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