Psychic lady bets on royal twins after premonition

A psychic from Hampshire has placed a £500 bet with Coral bookmaker at 10/1 on the Duchess of Cambridge giving birth to twins after having a premonition over a year ago.

The psychic lady initially tried to place the bet with Coral last Monday, a week before the royal couple announced their happy news. However she was unable to place the bet as royal baby betting had been suspended back in July following a major gamble which was landed on Monday when the news broke.

The psychic therefore returned to the Coral shop in Hampshire on Tuesday, the day after the news had broken, to place her £500 bet on royal twins being born and will win £5,000 if her premonition proves to be correct.

The middle-aged psychic, who wishes to remain anonymous for now, said, “I have never stepped foot in a betting shop before but after having these strong inclinations I decided to go to my local Coral shop and place a bet on twins. My inner psychic is an incredible French lady and she had already told me a long time ago that the Duchess would give birth to twins once she had a boy. I have not placed this bet for my own personal gain, but instead I would like to donate my winnings to Prince Harry’s charity”.

“I have already written a letter to Kensington Palace informing them of my premonition, the bet I would be placing and my intention to donate the winnings to charity, and they very kindly responded thanking me. I have no desire to be a celebrity psychic but will come forward when my premonition comes true next year”.

Nicola McGeady, Coral Spokesperson, said, “This psychic customer’s story is so detailed and convincing that all the staff in the betting shop now believe royal twins are on the way. Should this lady’s unusual premonition come true we won’t be taking any more bets from her in a hurry but we may well offer her a job at Coral instead”.