Southampton punter scoops £92,000 for just two quid

The 48-year-old Chelsea fan correctly predicted fourteen outcomes on this weekend’s football, including wins for Chelsea, Southampton and Crystal Palace.

Mr Clay couldn’t believe his luck when all of his Saturday predictions landed, rejoicing, “I was watching Soccer Saturday with my wife and as the results came on screen, I started to get really excited, and when Southampton scored in the 93rd minute, I rang my family to let them know that I was on the brink of winning a huge amount of money.”

For the bet to land, Mr Clay was relying on Burnley drawing with West Brom on Sunday afternoon but he was too nervous to watch the game. There were a few anxious moments for Mr Clay on route to winning the big sum, as the home side were up 2-0 after 32 minutes.

Upon hearing the final result, Mr Clay couldn’t believe his luck, exclaiming, “I decided to play some golf as I couldn’t bear to watch the game and when I heard Burnley were winning 2-0, I thought it was game over. I was on the 16th hole when all the boys from the club house came running down cheering and I knew I had won. I needed a stiff drink, I couldn’t believe it. Things like this don’t happen to ordinary people like me!”

Mr Clay originally thought he has won £69,000, but thanks to a bonus Coral was offering on that particular coupon, his total winnings amounted to life-changing £92,944.

When asked what he will spend his winnings on, Mr Clay added: “My wife and I are expecting our first child and have just bought a house so this couldn’t have come at a better time. Of course, I will have to treat my family to a nice holiday as well”.

Nicola McGeady, Coral spokeswoman, said, “To predict fourteen correct outcomes is a fantastic achievement and we couldn’t have asked for a worthier winner than Mr Clay. Over the last couple of weeks we have seen so many customers win life-changing sums of money for just small stakes, proving you don’t have to stake big to win big money.”

**Mr Clay’s winning accumulator:

Chelsea, Middlesbrough, Derby, Bristol Rovers, Preston, Barnet, Southampton, Swansea draw, Sheffield Wednesday draw, Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, MK Dons draw, Huddersfield, Burnley draw.