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How to play Zeus III slots with Coral

| 03.08.2015

So you’re new to the world of slots; they confuse you, they baffle you. The flashing lights, crazy win lines and strange bonus features leave you all confused. If you need a helping hand to take you through the world of slots then look no further – this article will help you tackle some of our more difficult games.

In this article we will be taking a look at Zeus III

If the megalomaniac Zeus had his own slots machine, it would definitely have 193 pay lines. That’s Zeus for you I guess, a bit of a drama queen. Zeus III at first glance might look like a very complicated game, but once you look past the strange reel layout, the odd bonus features and the baffling line structure, it’s pretty much just a normal slots machine.

Firstly, let’s talk about the reel layout.

Most conventional reels are set out like a rectangle, with equal amounts of reels on your screen. Zeus III’s reels start smaller on the left and gradually becomes bigger on the right, starting with two symbols on the first reel and seven reels on the right. It still reads from left to right, and all paylines will start from the first two symbols on your left. It just looks a little different.

Right, that’s the reels out of the way. Let’s talk about the paylines.

As mentioned before, there are 192 paylines on this game. That’s more than the most seasoned player can handle at the best of times, so it’s okay to be confused. Basically, with the reel structure, the paylines act as if they split from every symbol. Like those probability trees your saw at school, each symbol branches apart along every reel. This pretty much increases your chances of winning as there are more paylines – fantastic!

That’s enough about the theory, let’s talk about the juicy bonus features!

Zeus is a bit of an attention freak, so if you manage to get a full reel of Zeus symbols, they’ll turn the the reel wild!

If you manage to hit three of the lightning bolt symbols through reels two to six you’ll end up triggering the free spin bonus feature.

– 3 feature symbols grants you 10 free spins
– 4 feature symbols grants you 25 free spins + 10x your bet
– 5 feature symbols grants you 50 free spins + 50x your bet

You can win some immense prizes with this free spin bonus feature, so it really pays to play big, because if you hit five feature symbols, you will win 50x your bet! That’s a god-like prize if you ask me!

Overall this slot looks rather complicated, but in fact it’s quite a simple game to play. You’ve just got to look past the awkward exterior to realise it’s just like everybody else, just another slots game waiting for you to play.

Head on down to Coral and check Zeus III out now!

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