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Welcome to Coral’s poker strategy guide!

| 15.04.2016

Beginner’s poker strategy guide from Coral!

Welcome to our poker strategy section, where our in-house poker experts are waiting on hand and foot to turn you into a poker legend.

In this section of the news website we’re going to take you through everything that you need to play poker online successfully.

We’re going to cover everything you need to know; the rules of poker, poker hand values, starting hands and loads more!

Our guides are written in a conversational style, which makes them easier to understand. There’s no point getting bored when you want to learn how to play online poker, is there?

This section will be updated often with new tactics and advice, which means if you’re smart you’ll bookmark this page!

What are we going to cover in this section?

To start things off we’ve created the perfect beginners section for you.

Here’s a few caveats of poker strategy we’re going to cover:

1. Order of play in Texas Hold’em

Everything you need to know about the rules of poker, from when you can bet, to folding and more.

2. Poker hands and their value

Some poker hands are better than others, but yet some people don’t know which are better than the other. Coral poker takes a look!

3. Starting Hands

Knowing when to see the flop is just as important as knowing which hands are better than the other. Coral poker takes a look at some of the best starting hands in the game.

4. The different types of player

There are two kinds of poker player; those who fold all the time and those who play recklessly. We take a look at the different kinds of player poker has to offer.

5. The art of bluffing online

Bluffing in person is difficult enough, yet bluffing online is a much trickier affair. Coral poker is going to take a look at how you can bluff your way through a game!

6. The all powerful check-raise

Check-raising is one of the most useful moves in poker. We’re going into detail about this awesome move and how you should use it!

There’s going to be loads more where this came from, so make sure you keep up to date with Coral’s latest poker strategy guides. Good luck at the tables from Coral!

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