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Coral’s all new poker loyalty scheme!

| 26.05.2016

Loyalty — it deserves to be rewarded.

What we mean is that you don’t deserve to be brushed off with some rubbish scheme that doesn’t pay out reasonable prices, especially after you’ve been playing online poker on their website for years on end.

True loyalty schemes reward those who are truly loyal — and that can’t be bought!

So, the guys at Coral Poker had wrapped their heads together and come up with a loyalty scheme like no other!

Introducing Coral’s brand new poker loyalty scheme!

What’s the new loyalty scheme all about?

Where before we simply gave you cash for accruing loyalty points (£1 for every 100 points), we came to the conclusion that this simply won’t do. Coral wants to provide our players with something a little tastier.

So, that’s what we’ve done. From this point onwards you’ll not only be able to recoup your points in cash — you’ll be able to improve your rakeback rate as well.

You read that correctly: you’ll be able to rakeback a portion of the fees you pay to play in one of our tournaments.

This results in you keeping a lot more of your money than you would normally expect — awesome!

That sounds great, but what is rakeback exactly?

Say you’ve entered a £25 + £2.50 tournament, what that means is that £25 goes directly into the pot while £2.50 is taken as a fee to operate the table and provide a quality service — it’s how online poker lobbies pay to run their servers essentially.

Well, say that you’ve upgraded your loyalty level to a point where you receive 30% rakeback on all fees paid to play games. You’d receive, in the above example, 75p back — which might not sound much, but after 100 games it’s £7.50.

After a thousand games at this level (which is just around 4 games a day), you’d end up with £75 back after a year — great for experienced or prolific players.

Get more information about loyalty point levels here!

You don’t just get loyalty points, though! No, you also get access to a range of our dedicated freerolls for VIPs!

Coral’s range of dedicated loyalty freerolls!

As well as all of the above, we’ve got three tiers of freerolls to give away:

– VIP 2 or above – £25 freeroll tournament every Tuesday evening
– VIP 4 or above – £100 freeroll tournament every Wednesday
– VIP 6:  £375 freeroll tournament every Thursday

You increase your VIP level by earning a certain amount of points. All of this information can be found via the link above.

So, there you have it, Coral’s new and revamped loyalty scheme. Make sure you head on over and check it out — honestly, it’s pretty awesome!



Ashley Hughes