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Common mistakes all gamblers make!

| 10.08.2016

Just because you’ve been on the road for thirty years doesn’t make you the best driver in the world. In fact, if nobody has pointed out your bad habits, then you’ll be none the wiser.

The same goes for casino games, and so we’re going to take a look at the silly mistakes that you’ve potentially committed over the years. Honestly, there’s no shame as even the most experienced gamer will slip up from time to time.

So, to make sure you’re one step ahead of the game, we’re going to take a look at common mistakes in blackjack, baccarat and roulette. Hopefully you can walk out of this with a little more clarity.

Common mistakes in blackjack

Blackjack might seem like a pretty simple game; get dealt two cards, try to get as close to 21 as possible, beat the dealer’s score, win.

Unfortunately, there are so many ways in which you can improve, or damage your odds.

Mistakes generally come in the form of hitting when sticking would be the wiser move, or vice versa. For example, hitting with a pair of 4s when the dealer shows a 6 is very much the wrong move. In this case it would be better to split and double your stake as it is likely the dealer will bust. If you get the opportunity to split again, do it. You’re in a very good position here.

Another situation where you should split instead of hitting is holding a pair of 2s against a dealer’s 7. You have no chance of busting and it’s likely the dealer will either hit 17, or bust. This again puts you in a great position, so go ahead and split!

Other times, where standing might seem like the better option, it’s sometimes not. For example, if you hit a 12 and the dealer shows a 2, you’re probably going to wait for the dealer to bust. Not a bad move in theory, but it’s much better if you hit. Unfortunately, a 2/3 can be a dangerous up card for any player, and so you’re probably going to need a decent hand to win.

Then sometimes, you’ll have to go against everything you’ve learned, such as hitting with a 16 against an ace. Ultimately, the odds of the dealer busting are rather small and they’ll probably end up with a decent hand better than your 16. You’ve got to go for broke in this situation and hit. If you land a 5 or less, you’re in the money. There are seven cards out there that might bust you though, so the expectation here is for you to lose.

Finally, never take insurance. 7 times out of ten the dealer won’t have blackjack, which is reason enough not to bother.

Common mistakes in baccarat

Baccarat is more a game of luck than skill, which is why there aren’t many mistakes a player can make when playing the age-old card game.

There is one thing you should avoid though, mainly betting on a tie. Although it might have potential returns of 8/1, or even 10/1 online, the house edge on these bets is around 14% and so should definitely be avoided.

Other than that, play baccarat as you normally would. It’s popular with the wealthy for a reason — it’s simple.

Common mistakes in roulette

Again, with roulette being more a game of chance than skill, there aren’t many mistakes that gamers make.

Most notably, roulette newbies place bets on both red and black, or odd and even. The only thing you’re doing here is opening up your bet to the house edge, which comes in the form of the green zero. Land that and you’ve lost all your money. Split your bets around the table; play black and 2nd dozen for example, or odd and black.

Some players also believe that that systems such as the Martingale system will, in the long-run, win them money. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a successful betting system in roulette. In the end they all succumb to the same fate, bankruptcy. Play roulette for fun, but don’t think too much about any fool-proof system, because there isn’t one.

Hot and cold numbers are also nonsense. If anybody tells you that betting on a number that hasn’t come up for a while is a good idea, ignore them. Every spin of the roulette wheel is independent and as such previous events have no bearing on future outcomes. Take our advice and just bet on your lucky numbers, because there’s nothing much more in it than that.

These are the general pit-falls that new players end up in and so, if you can, try and remember what we’ve told you today. Otherwise, just head out to the casino and enjoy yourself. Whatever you choose to play, good luck at the casino!

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