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Don Johnson and 4 other amazing casino wins!

| 20.09.2016

The casino is great fun, and there are so many great games. You have roulette, where the anticipation and hope as you nervously wait to see where the ball will land is exhilarating. Then you have blackjack, where an unknown card will be the difference between winning and losing. And not forgetting poker, where you can try and bluff your way to victory.

What’s more you can now experience all of this online now, with Coral offering all of your favourite table games. However, while we enjoy playing, deep down we know you only play for one reason – to win some money. Specifically, the big wins! Well, you may not have been lucky enough to nab the big wins yet, but here are some people who have.

 Vegas slot pays out $22m!

Johanna Huendl, aged 74, was on her way to breakfast at her hotel when she decided to stop and play on one of the more generous slots that you can play in Vegas. Wise choice. She put in $170 and would go on to win the jackpot! To make it even better, she thought she had won $2m initially after misreading the sign.

When Don Johnson broke Atlantic City

You may have heard this story before, but businessman Don Johnson went on an amazing run over a period of six months that saw him nab an incredible $15m! $6m alone came in one 12-hour sitting, chiefly at the blackjack table.  Not a bad day’s work.

Blackjack-fulled parties, it’s alright for some!

Johnson won at various casinos, with the $6m coming from Tropicana, a further $5m from Borgata and the remaining $4m from Caesars. In just one evening he ruined the casinos profit for the month, particularly Tropicana. As you would expect his win didn’t go down to well with the casinos. Caesars banned him from their premises worldwide, meanwhile, Tropicana fired the CEO who had issued Johnson with a $100,000 a hand limit! Ouch.

From 25 cents to €17.8m

It’s not just in the casino where you can get the big wins nowadays. Thanks to the great range of games online, you can hit the jackpot from your own sofa, and that’s exactly what happened to a Finnish man in 2013.Playing the Mega Jackpot fortune slot, he had wagered 25 cents and from that tiny stake he would see a huge €17.8m be paid out. Incredible.

Breaking World Records

While the win mentioned above has surpassed it, in 2011, a Norwegian man would break a Guinness World Record for the largest ever jackpot from an online slot when Mega Fortunes paid out a staggering €11.7m. He only logged in to play because he couldn’t sleep too!

So, there you have it, four of the most remarkable wins that are out there. There’s many bigger winners out there too, so this should give you that little bit of hope. Someone has to scoop the big prize, why not you? These lot believed, and look at them now.


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