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Introducing Coral’s brand new bingo side bet feature!

| 19.10.2016

Coral brings you the very best in bingo action. While you anxiously wait as the numbers are called, the excitement builds, and finally the relief and happiness comes when the ball you’ve been longing for finally drops.

Given that, you’d probably think we couldn’t possibly improve it — but you’d be wrong!

Introducing our brand new side bets feature, which we’re sure will enhance your bingo experience. For more information on this amazing addition please read below.

What’s the side bet feature all about?

Coral Bingo Side Bets

Here’s what our new side bets feature will look like!

As the regular bingo game progresses, you will get the chance to make a bet on the numerous outcomes of the full house ball (essentially the last ball drawn).

  • Will it be odd or even?
  • What colour will it be?
  • Is it going to be a paired number?
  • Will the number be 45 and lower, or 46 and higher

Not good with maths? No worries, there’s no working out what your winnings will be, as the information is on offer before you place the bet.

Our bingo side bets feature adds a whole new element of interest to the already exciting game of bingo.

We’ve all had that bingo card that is nowhere near full and you’re just counting down the time until the next game.

However, with our new bingo side bets option, you now have an excuse to stick around.

Plus, how good would it be to win the full house and then get the right call? It could seriously boost your overall winnings!

Enter either the castle or rush room for side bets excitement


The side bet option will appear once you have bought at least one ticket at either the castle or the rush room.

Both rooms can be found on our bingo tab, and being 90-ball bingo rooms, it’s another reason to stick with traditional bingo!

Obviously, you don’t have to use the side bet, and you can pick and choose when you want to use it, but it will always be there for you when you’re looking to make things interesting.

Although, like always, be sure to check the T&Cs when you play in any of our rooms!

The side bet feature is a great addition to our bingo rooms, and will really spice up any of your games. It adds another dimension to the game, and will certainly make it more entertaining. Enjoy!

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