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Payet 1-2 not to play for West Ham again this season

| 18.01.2017

Leading bookmaker Coral is odds-on at 1-2 that Dimitri Payet does not play for West Ham again this season, while the Frenchman is 6-4 to feature for the club later in the 2016/17 campaign.

Elsewhere, Diego Costa is 5-6 to move to any Chinese club, 8-1 for a return to Spain with his old club Atletico Madrid and 8-1 to join Barcelona.

*Player specials

**Will Dimitri Payet play for West Ham in the Premier League again this season?
6-4 Yes, 1-2 No

**Harry Kane to become the all-time leading Premier League goalscorer

*Transfer specials

**Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s next club
5-2 Manchester City, 4 Arsenal, 5 Liverpool, 9 PSG, 10 Bayern Munich, 14 Chelsea, 16 Real Madrid, 20 Barcelona, Manchester United

**Gareth Bale’s next club
4-5 Manchester United, 5 Chelsea, 7 Bayern Munich, Manchester City. 10 PSG, 20 Tottenham, 33 Liverpool, 40 Arsenal, Juventus

**Diego Costa’s next club
5-6 Any Chinese club, 8 Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, 16 Bayern Munich, 20 Juventus PSG, 25 Manchester City

**Jermain Defoe’s next club
4-9 West Ham, 5 Crystal Palace, 10 Everton, 16 Bournemouth, Southampton, Tottenham

**Cesc Fabregas’ next club
6-4 Juventus, 7-2 Real Madrid, 6 PSG, 7 Manchester United, 10 Bayern Munich, 12 Atletico Madrid, 16 Bar

**Jose Fonte’s next club
6-4 Crystal Palace, 11-4 Manchester United, 4 West Ham, 9 Liverpool, 12 Any Chinese Club, Benfica, Everton, 20 Manchester City, 20 Tottenham

**Antoine Griezmann’s next club
7-2 Manchester United, 9-2 Barcelona, Real Madrid, 5 Chelsea, Manchester City, 8 Bayern Munich, Juventus, 10 PSG, 14 Arsenal, 25 Liverpool

**Joe Hart’s next club
6-4 Liverpool, 7-2 Everton, Leicester, 6 West Ham, 7 Arsenal, 12 Juventus, PSG, Southampton, Stoke, 16 Newcastle

**Frank Lampard’s next club
2 Brighton, 5 Melbourne City, 7 Any MLS club, 8 Chelsea, 10 Crystal Palace, 16 Celtic, Manchester United, West Ham, 33-1 Newcastle

**Lionel Messi’s next club
4 Manchester City, 5 Any MLS club, 7 Manchester United, 10 Any Chinese club, Chelsea, PSG, 12 Bayern Munich,

**James Rodriguez’s next club
11-4 PSG, 4 Arsenal, Chelsea, PSG, 6 Manchester United, 20 West Ham, 25 Bar

**Wayne Rooney’s next club
11-4 Any MLS club, 4 Everton, 8 Any Chinese club, 16 Monaco, 20 Chelsea, Newcastle, PSG, 33 Arsenal. Real Madrid.

**Alexis’ Sanchez’ next club
3 Barcelona, 4 Real Madrid, 5 Manchester City, 8 Juventus, 10 Manchester United, 12 Chelsea, 20 Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich

**John Terry’s next club
5-2 Any MLS club, 7-2 Any Chinese club, 14 Manchester United, 20 West Ham, 25 Newcastle

**Yaya Toure’s next club
9-4 Any MLS club, 3 Any Chinese club, 4 Any Qatari club, 10 Any UAE club, 14 PSG, 20 Inter Milan, Juventus, 25 AC Milan, 33 Arsenal

**Virgil van Dijk’s next club
6-4 Manchester City, 7-2 Chelsea, 9-2 Manchester United, 7 Tottenham, 8 Arsenal, Liverpool, 20 Everton, West Ham


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